Study in Sweden? – Learn “How to be Swedish” with this Culture Guide

You are going to study in Sweden? You want to get prepared for conversations with Swedes?

Read How to be Swedish to get prepared for your time in Sweden:

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Learn how to…

  • … party like a Swede.
  • … sing the most popular Swedish drinking song.
  • … celebrate Swedish traditions.
  • … prepare Swedish meatballs, köttbullar.
  • … flirt like a Swede.

Why this book?

  • This book is written by a former exchange student who lived in Sweden for more than 10 years, and discovered the strange and weird sides of Swedish culture – all documented in this book.
  • Learn about Swedish culture and traditions. Yes, it includes convenient information, like how to celebrate midsummer and Christmas like a typical Swede.
  • You also learn how to behave on the dance floor or interpret typical Swedish behavior when Swedes are drunk.
  • Learn how Swedes flirt. And their approaches to relationships – romantically as well as sexually.
  • Learn basic Swedish words for conversations with Swedes.

This book offers a great start for all exchange students in Sweden who want to understand the Swedish “weirdnesses” already before arriving in Sweden.


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