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About Matthias

Well, here’s a little about me…

I was born in 1980. Grew up in Germany, on a farm, situated in the middle of a metropolitan area, called Ruhrgebiet. So, yes, I know the smell of cow poo and sound of motorways very well.

In 2005 I went to Sweden for a semester abroad. The day I arrived at the  campus of Växjö University in August that year, I immediately fell in love with Sweden.

During the first term I got the opportunity to stay one more term. So, one semesters turned into two. Then I got the permission to finish my studies with a Swedish Master degree, resulting in a second year in Sweden. After that I went back to Germany, for one year. During that year, I missed Sweden and the Swedish people, a lot.

Matthias about how to be SwedishSince 2008 I have been living in Sweden. Temporarily in different cities like Stockholm, Umeå and Uppsala. At the same time always having a base in Växjö, in the south of Sweden.

What I do here? Well, I help other people to understand Swedish culture, by writing about it (in books or on the web).

In my leisure time I enjoy a walk along the shores of the idyllic lakes here and discover new sights or beautiful places here in Småland or other places in Sweden.

Still, after a a couple of years in this beautiful country, I get surprised and fascinated by the Swedish quirks and cultural differences that appear in everyday life.

In my book, “How to be Swedish I want to share my most important tips, so you won’t have to experience the same pitfalls I did, and help you understand why the Swedes are the way they are – sometimes weird but mostly lovely.

Blog about Sweden

For several years I have been writing about Sweden. Here you can find useful information about Sweden and how to interact with Swedes:

In English hejsweden.com/en/
And in German: hejsweden.com